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Beaver Blog at the Dam

The 29th of Feb. might not happen often, but activities Downtown are a constant. Our tiny town, built on the banks of a Creek full of Beaver Dams, has made a comeback. The whirlwind of empty 80 year old buildings morphing into small business visions has left our community with a treasure on Main Street. Today, a beautiful last day in February, the town was filled with music and classic cars. Closing 2nd street for festivities today isn't for the usual Festival but is for a sweet,local Middle school student. When our community found she and her family faced with Stage 4 Cancer, there weren't enough jars to collect funds to help out. So, our Beef O'Brady's restaurant decided to have a Saturday filled with music and cars to help her family out with expenses. It takes a Village to raise a child, and in our village, they don't fight the hardships alone.

Our town has much to offer. A friend shared earlier that they had stopped by our Cafe at the Dam for Breakfast, shopped a while, let the Barber trim up his beard and hair, checked out the local roadsters and motorcycles, and noticed two places filled with fans watching UK . Later in the evening, our Tourism group had arranged for Pete Rose to come to town.

J.R.Williams was full of shoppers, looking at furniture and Appliances. Saturdays are usually busy. Our store has been downtown since 1891, offering different wares to customers, as times have changed. We are fortunate to have survived some hard times, so that we can now operate a business in the middle of a great small town. I often write about the many people that have made the comebacks of our town happen, our mayor, tourism groups, OCEDA, and business owners. All of them have one thing in common. They all saw visions of what can happen with hard work, and a community that shops at home, while enjoying our slower pace of life. Although the Beaver Dams are gone from the creek, our town is strong, our community pride is evident, and we've got each others back through fun days downtown, or hard times. #SmalltownStrong.

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