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J.R.Williams Team 

The JRWilliams Team
Experienced and Trustworthy 

 Our staff has years of experience.  Jeff has 40 years of experience in selling and servicing appliances, selling Directv, Dish, Via Sat, Hughes Net and ATT. He has owned  JRWilliams since 1992.   David, Manager of Installs and Service,  has 10 years of experience in appliances and installing satellites, delivery, internet,and signage, as well as previous years of plumbing, construction and jack of all trade.  He also sells appliances.  Betsy, manager of Sign Shop,  has 28 years of experience in creating Signage and trophies, as well as  general JRWilliams sales. Roger Daugherty, 15 years experience installing Directv, as well as Electronics and music.   Cris, general manager and bookkeeper, focuses on Appliances & Furniture, as well as general sales.  Jim and Leah, have 4 years of general JRWilliams sales.  They take care of Saturday sales.           

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